Gmoney ” at church

Gmoney is dance next week on Monday night u need be her I wil be her at 7.30pm and Sunday night and Tuesday night Good love and family and friend this in church 2night good bless u and frined family I love u G.m

Gmoney ” church 2night

My church go 2 church 2night at 7.30pm I will be ther 2night my big brother rich be her and my family be her her my wbsite website www.trinitychurch .tv. Check it out my frineds and my family good love all u now g.m

Gmoney” be at church all

Good love my now family love good u guys come my church 2nighr at 7.30pm check out website soon I love u and good love gan onw off u people u guy som sift this u livf now stuff now but I love u now. Have me come 2 u church soon good bless u and family. Ps gmoneywilkerson

Gmoney go 2 work at the church 2day

Goodmorning all friend and my family good love all off u day and night come my trinintychurch see me ther ps I love u G.m

Gmoney go 2 bed now

Have graet night all my family frined good love u and family now ps Gmoney u now come my church on Tuesday night at 7.30 pm ok g.m I love u soo much ok G.m

This Gmoney

Happy mothday 2day ther bast moms and hople the kinds for ther I wandt 2 church 4 time is 9.00am for 11.00am and 2 1.00pm in church. Good love all the family and frined from trinintychurch her is my websiter and my eamil this Gmoney wilkerson I love u

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